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Leading providers of high quality building materials

Albawardi Builditng Materials was formed to consolidate the family’s general trading activities and today it remains at the heart of Group’s rich heritage.

In the early years, business was confined to supplying steel, timber and cement. Later the company expanded rapidly, in parallel with the exponential growth of the Kingdom’s construction sector.

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Sheet piles stock available in Saudi Arabia for immediate dispatch


These include various categories of structural and construction steel, metals, tubes, pipes, hardwood, softwood and plywood.

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Leading providers of high quality building materials


years of Legacy in Industry

Albawardi developed dynamically into broadly based enterprise, which is presently very well known & recognized as Albawardi Group of companies operating in gulf and some other countries in the region.

The Company continued to grow rapidly during 1960s and 70s, and then later, from 1980 the present generation of the family got involved i.e. Sheikh Saad’s grandsons Khaled, Mosaed and Sami joined & carried over the responsibilities successfully.

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